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now we know

I was at the State Fair in Wisconsin over the weekend. one of the booths at the fair was the Gideons! the booth was maintained by two very friendly Gideons who were handing out blaze orange editions of the New Testament and answering any questions people might have. with Bill in mind, i walked up to the friendly Gideon

ME: hello
Gideon: good afternoon. would you like a New Testament
ME: thanks. hey, i have a couple of questions
Gideon: sure
ME: where are you guys from?
Gideon: where are we from? well i'm from Minnesota but i live in-
ME: no, i mean the Gideons. do y'all come from Gidea?
Gideon: *chuckles* no. headquarters is in Nashville, Tennesee
ME: alright, there's one question. next, are you guys ninjas?
Gideon: *laughing* ninjas?
ME: yeah. i open up the drawer in the hotel and the book in there says "placed here by the Gideons." and i'm wondering when, 'cause i've been sitting here watching Discovery Channel all day and i didn't see anyone!
Gideon: *laughing some more* no, we're not ninjas. leastwise i wasn't given ninja training
ME: so the traps i set to catch a Gideon and tag him like a shark to study his movements?
Gideon: probably wouldn't work
ME: because of the ninja skills you're not telling me about?
Gideon: no, because we only drop off bibles every six months or so at hotels
ME: no ninjas?
Gideon: no ninjas
ME: you're sure?
Gideon: i am
ME: well alright. thanks, man
Gideon: God bless you

he seemed a really friendly sort but he also seemed really confused at the questions. but i saw a Gideon. i even got a picture of him

i learned something
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