Lambert (astrosnatch) wrote in bill_hicks,

I wonder if this is the right place to ask...

Hello, fellow vibrations. Would any of you recommend Kevin Booth's book? I see it in the interests on the profile of this community; I've previously overlooked it, and now it seems to be out of print -- no worries, that's what we have the internet for.

I've spent two years laughing and crying along to Hicks. I think I need some reading material to beef up my inner maniac. I see that the letters/lyrics book is unavailable to Chapters (a big bookstore chain), as well. Again, internet-save-me-now-hallelujah. Aside from Booth's, are there any other sort of definitive books on our favored subject? (I seem to be missing out on this end of things. All I have is my video/audio track collection. I love books, but somehow deluded myself that there couldn't possibly be any on Sir Hicks. I am amazingly ignorant at times.)

Thanks, and thanks again.
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