i_baster (i_baster) wrote in bill_hicks,

Jim Fixx

Yesterday my wife and I were walking around the Goodwill store and I was covering my usual points of interest.  books, records and wood stuff.  Anyway looking through the mainly crappy looking books I found a book about Running by a James Fixx.  At first I did not realize who the author was but then I noticed and it made me laugh to myself.  I almost bought it for curious collection purposes but I didn`t. 

Should I have?  I do kind of like weird books from Goodwill as I am ( along with my wife) attempting to build a brilliant library.

Anyway just thought I would mention my Bill Hicks moment.  Oddly enough right outside the Goodwill there was a fare in town.  My wife and I took our 11 month old son on the ferris wheel thing  Which of course makes me think.

It`s just a ride.
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